Samuel Silverman, MD
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Samuel M.Silverman M.D.

Samuel M. Silverman M.D., F.A.P.A., F.A.S.A.M.

4151 Laurel Estates Way

Wellington Fl 33449

Cell (860) 841-1641



              Rutgers University, B.A., June 1966

                            New Brunswick, New Jersey

              University of Ghent, M.D., July 1972 Cum Laude

                            Ghent, Belgium

              Externship (Rotating): July 1, 1971 - July 1, 1972,      

                            Mt. Sinai Hospital, Hartford, Connecticut

              Residency in Psychiatry: August 1, 1972 - August 1, 1975,

                            Institute of Living, Hartford, Connecticut

              Chief Residency in Psychiatry: July 1974 - July 1975

                            Institute of Living, Hartford, Connecticut



              American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology:

                            General Psychiatry: April 1977               Cert. #16287

                            Addiction Psychiatry: March 1993              Cert. # 400

                            Addiction Psychiatry: March 2003              Cert. # 400

              American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)

                            Certified in Chemical Dependency April 1988,              Cert. #1200

              American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM)

                            Diplomate July 31,2013   # 20131289

              Connecticut License - #16628

              Florida License - # ME 142869



              Private Practice Psychiatry: (July 1975 -) 

              Rushford Center Inc.             

              Part Time Psychiatrist (Telehealth) July 2019 -

Director of Medical Education (2014- July 2019)

              Program Director:

                            American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM)

                         Fellowship April 2013 - July 2019

              Medical Director Addiction Services, February 2001- 2014

                            Site Director: PA student Program: Springfield College, Quinnipiac University

                            Site Director: Frank Netter Medical School Quinnipiac University

3rd year Medical Student 

              TryCycledata Systems

                            Chief Medical Officer; (August 2018-current)

Institute of Living / Hartford Hospital

                            Site coordinator in Addiction Psychiatry (IOL residency) (2001- July 2019)

                            Executive Committee               (Past member)



Hartford Hospital

                            Active Staff Department of Psychiatry (2000-2019)



                            McKesson Health Solutions (2004- 2007)

                                          Consultant to InterQual Criteria: Develop criteria for levels of care

                                          (Substance Abuse and Psychiatry)

                            Reckitt Benckiser (2003-2010) Speaker’s Bureau

              Academic Appointments:

                            University of Connecticut School of Medicine

                                          Assistant Clinical Professor: (July 1996 -)

                            Frank Netter School of Medicine, Quinnipiac University

                                          Assistant Professor (July 2017-2019)

              Past Positions:

                            University of Connecticut School of Medicine: Department of Psychiatry:                                                         Assistant Professor (July 1975 – July 1980)

                                          Director: Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic John Dempsey

                                                        Hospital, Farmington, CT (July 1976 – July 1978)

                                          Medical Director: Capitol Region Mental Health Center,

                                                        Hartford, CT (July 1978 – July 1980)

                                          Medical Student Curriculum Committee (1996- 2000)

                            St. Joseph College: Counseling Department

                                          Instructor (July 1976- July 1987)

                            St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center:

                                          Senior Attending Psychiatrist: (1980-1999)

                                          Courtesy Staff (2000-2003)

                            Psychiatric Consultant (July 2000-July 2001)

                            Capitol Region Educational Council Residential Program


Committee Memberships:

                            Institute of Living Residency Training Committee

              (July 2003- July 2019)

Institute of Living Executive Committee

              (January 2001- 2017)

American Society of Addiction Medicine (CT Chapter)

              Chapter President 2014- 2018)

              Executive Committee, (January 2002-)

                            Hartford Hospital Graduate Medical Education Committee

April 2013 - July 2019

                            Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Mental Health:

                                          Appointed January 2000

                            Connecticut Mental Health Policy Council:

                                          Member of the Council -Public Sector (2001- 2010)

Connecticut Alcohol and Drug Policy Council:                                                                                    Member of the Council -Public Sector (1996-2000)

                                          Member of the Treatment Committee (1996)

                                          Co-Chairman Brief Screening Subcommittee (1997-)

                            American Psychiatric Association:

Member of the Committee on Treatment Services for Addicted Patients (1999-)

Connecticut State Medical Society:

              Committee on Addiction Medicine (May 2000-)





              Fellow; American Psychiatric Association (FAPA)

                            (January 2004)

              Distinguished Fellow; American Society Addiction Medicine (DFASAM)

                            (January 2014)

              American Psychiatric Association          


              Connecticut Psychiatric Association


              American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)                                                                     


              Hartford County Medical Association


              Connecticut State Medical Society


              Connecticut Association for Marriage & Family Therapy


              American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy -

                            Clinical Member

                            Approved Supervisor


              Family Study Center of Connecticut

                            Founder and Clinical Member (1976-1993)

                            President: (1979-1983)




              Connecticut Medicine; Special Edition 2022; Volume 86, Number 1  Pages 35-37

Opioid Overdoses, Vaccine Hesitancy, and You

Jonathan Craig Allen, MD, Samuel M. Silverman, MD


Connecticut Medicine; May 2019 Volume 83, # 5 Pages 233-237

                            Increasing the Use of Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

                                          Mark Kraus MD, Samuel Silverman MD


CCSAD 2015-2019

“ASAM Educational” CT-ASAM’s Approach to Early Career Physician Training in Addiction

                            Hyannis, MA



Annual ASAM Educational”

(CT-ASAM, CSMS, ABPM Combined Yale/Rushford Fellowship)

Regional Competition open to residents and fellows to answer question:

How does addiction impact your patients?


National Peer Reviewer:

                            ASAM Consensus Panel on Use of Buprenorphine in Office-Based

                            Treatment of Opioid Addiction 2009

              Webinar @

                            Buprenorphine in Office Based Treatment


              “Need an Oxycontin Fix? The Role of Buprenorphine in the Treatment of

Prescription Narcotic Problems.”

                            American Psychiatric Association; May 25, 2005,               Atlanta, GA


“Office Based Opiate Treatment”

                            American Psychiatric Association May 5, 2004, New York, NY


              “Ambulatory Detoxification in Clinical Practice”

                            American Psychiatric Association  May, 2003, San Francisco, CA


“Ambulatory Detoxification in Clinical Practice”

                            American Psychiatric Association  May 21, 2002, Philadelphia, PA


“The Elephant in the Living Room-Family Systems and Substance Abuse”

New England Institute of Addiction Studies

Major Presentation; June 20, 2002, Rindge, New Hampshire             


Chairperson, Editorial Advisory Board;

The Complete Practitioner, A Mental Health Provider

Newsletter (1998-)


"Simulated Families in Family Therapy Training"

                            Videotape Special Session, May 7, 1975         

                            American Psychiatric Association Convention, Anaheim, CA


              "Eliminating the Myth of the ‘Unworkable’ Family”           

                            Panel Discussion, April 3, 1979,

                            American Orthopsychiatric Association Convention, Anaheim, CA                           


              "Custody in Divorce: Implications for Parent Functioning”            

                            Panel Discussion April 11 1980,

                            American Orthopsychiatric Association, Toronto, Canada         


              Producer and Host of "Family Matters" Television show,

                            West Hartford Access Television, 1981 - 1985


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